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Show Mass causes a lot of lag, it best to not use it right now till a fix is made for it. Animated Eye is most pretty when yout turn Skins off

Move your mouse to control your cell
Press Space to split
Press Q to eject mass
Press Z to do a tricksplit
Press E to split your minion
Press R to make your minion eject mass
Press T to start or stop your minion eating


The objective of the game is to grow a cell, a circular player-controlled object, by swallowing both pellets and smaller cells without being swallowed by bigger cells. It can be played in a deathmatch or between teams. There is no set goal; players restart when all of their cells are swallowed.

The game contains three entities: pellets, cells and viruses:

Pellets, or food, are randomly scattered among the map. When swallowed, they slightly increase a cells mass.

Cells are controlled by players. Only opponent cells that are smaller can be swallowed; they can be swallowed directly, or by splitting, as described below. Cells move slower with heavier mass and gradually lose mass over time.

Viruses split larger cells into many pieces. Smaller cells can hide behind them for protection against larger cells. They can be fed to create another virus launched at a direction the player chooses.

Players can split a part of their cell, flinging one of the divided cells at the direction of the cursor. This can be used as a ranged attack to swallow other cells, to escape from a difficult situation, or to move more quickly around the map. Split cells eventually merge into one. Players can also release a small fraction of their mass to grow other cells or to feed viruses, which splits them when done several times.


Master Server is Live!, visit it here at Ogar Tracker

This is the new client!, using a newer protocol.

This was done to lower bandwith and making gaming expiriance more fun for all.

Also a working minimap and the grid in the background now shows the region as seen in minimap as well. You can turn these on or off in the setting pannel.

Overall theme re done to an darker looking theme and less bright white backgrounds.

This client needs OgarServ version 1.7 or higher, you can get the server on GitHub

See screen shots from players here. Only 64 images are saved, after that old images are removed.

OgarClient Protocol 6+
hosted on MivaBe.nl since September 2015


If you cannot connect to the servers, check if you have some anti virus or firewall blocking the connection.